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Exceleras Launches Real Estate Title Production Platform

Exceleras Launches Real Estate Title Production Platform

An expansion to its existing real estate asset management platform will benefit title agents

GLENCOE, IL -- January 8, 2017 -- Exceleras, creator of the DispoSolutions Real Estate Owned (REO), ValueSolutions Collateral Valuation and ClearView Offer Management platforms, announced today that its regular November software update has resulted in a complete set of functionality for use by title agents intent on fulfilling title order requests independently of closing properties. This is a significant expansion of the company's title service capabilities available to both new and existing Closing/Title Companies, allowing them to provide Closing Services, Title Services or both through the platform.


"Much of the functionality required to allow title and closing companies to participate in the REO disposition process has been available in our platform for some time now," said Amy Bergseth, Chief Operating Officer for Exceleras. "Title vendors can accept title assignments, make real-time updates to title information and upload documents directly into Disposolutions. With this update we've made it possible for title agents to do their work without ever leaving our platform, whether they also offer settlement services or not."


As a result of the new update, REO administrators and staff users are now be able to tap into Exceleras's growing database of Title vendors and assign them through the property Contacts screen. Once assigned, Title orders can be placed using any one of the four new Title tasks available to set up under the Escrow Pending/Closing section in the task Policy page.


Exceleras has been steadily adding functionality to appeal to new market segments for the past few years, partly as a strategic response to normalizing levels of foreclosure and REO, but also to meet the needs of new parties responding to opportunities in a recovering market. With its latest software update, the company has significantly expanded its offerings to the title agency, something Exceleras President and CEO Michael Harris says will be important for the company going forward.


"There are opportunities today for everyone in the mortgage loan origination value chain and we want to provide the technology that will allow them to work together to unlock this value for the companies and for the consumer," said Exceleras President and CEO Michael Harris. "We are participating in a number of new programs that will provide opportunities for everyone who uses our platforms in the year ahead."


About Exceleras

Exceleras, formerly Default Servicing Technologies (DST), Glencoe, IL, is a premier provider of web-based automated tools used by mortgage servicers and asset management providers to efficiently manage and value REO properties. DispoSolutions was engineered to help maximize performance throughout the REO servicing process. It combines complete workflow management for all phases of property management from initial default through final disposition of the real estate owned. The platform integrates easily with all major servicing platforms to provide a single, reliable portal for enhanced communications between all parties involved in the transaction, while ensuring full compliance and accountability. DispoSolutions offers built-in process checks that ensure accurate and complete information to help servicers make better, more informed decisions. It also provides easy access to quality service providers across the country, from appraisers to attorneys. The firm's national vendor database includes ratings to help servicers make better, more accurate decisions. Exceleras also offers the industry's most advanced and fully automated online valuation management software, ValueSolutions. Find out more online athttp://www.exceleras.com.


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