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CEO Michael Harris Tapped to Speak at Five Star Conference

CEO Michael Harris Tapped to Speak at Five Star Conference

Exceleras top executive joins a panel of leaders focusing on the REO business

GLENCOE, IL -- September 8, 2016 -- Exceleras, creator of the DispoSolutions REO management platform and the ValueSolutions enterprise collateral valuation management technology, announced today that company President and CEO Michael Harris has been asked to speak at the 13th Annual Five Star Conference and Expo 2016, happening in Dallas, September 11-13. Harris will appear as part of a panel of leaders for the REO Lab, which takes place at 9:00 am on Tuesday, September 13.


"I'm happy to take part in this important session," Harris said. "While REO levels are returning to historic norms, the need to effectively dispose of these properties in a fully compliant manner has never been greater. Today's Servicers must take advantage of every available opportunity to control their costs and speed up this important process. Automation is an important part of that and so I'm glad to share what I know as part of this panel."


Five Star points out on its website that REO "isn't what it used to be." But the organization says that's a good thing for attendee bottom lines. In its REO Lab, conference organizers promise to share information that will help attendees "get ahead, informed and equipped" to take on the new REO marketplace.


The industry leaders that appear on the panel will discuss a range of topics, including diversification, regulation and the most likely futures for the industry.


The Servicing Lab will be led by Lab Co-Director, Mercedes Henriksson, Director of Loss Mitigation for Fannie Mae and Lisa Shepherd, Executive Director of Property Preservation for Assero 24. Joining Harris on the panel include Kelly Chapman, VP of Client Management, Auction.com; Jerry Mavellia, CEO, Guardian Asset Management; Shawn Miller, Director, Hudson & Marshall; Rebecca Smith, Director, Green River Capital; Tyler Smith, REO Alternative Disposition Manager, Wells Fargo; and Carla Ulufanua, EVP, LRC Asset Management.


About Exceleras

Exceleras, formerly Default Servicing Technologies (DST), Glencoe, IL, is a premier provider of web-based automated tools used by mortgage servicers and asset management providers to efficiently manage and value REO properties. DispoSolutions was engineered to help maximize performance throughout the REO servicing process. It combines complete workflow management for all phases of property management from initial default through final disposition of the real estate owned. The platform integrates easily with all major servicing platforms to provide a single, reliable portal for enhanced communications between all parties involved in the transaction, while ensuring full compliance and accountability. DispoSolutions offers built-in process checks that ensure accurate and complete information to help servicers make better, more informed decisions. It also provides easy access to quality service providers across the country, from appraisers to attorneys. The firm's national vendor database includes ratings to help servicers make better, more accurate decisions. Exceleras also offers the industry's most advanced and fully automated online valuation management software, ValueSolutions. Find out more online at http://www.exceleras.com.


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